mobiSiteGalore comes from Akmin, a leading provider of software for service providers since 1998 and currently serves over 5 million users world wide.

About Us

mobiSiteGalore comes from Akmin - a global leader in online DIY website building solutions for PC and mobile platforms. Akmin was founded in India with its Data Centers in Herndon, Virginia, USA and its International Design & Development Center in Chennai, India. Founded in 1999 as a web technologies company, Akmin Technologies today offers highly acclaimed do-it-yourself site building and content management tools.

mobiSiteGalore enables companies and individual users to build their own mobile compliant websites that is guaranteed to work consistently across all mobile phones. The founders of mobiSiteGalore strongly believe that the only way to jumpstart the mobile web revolution is to empower just about anyone with a powerful yet easy to use mobile website builder that will help them build, publish, manage and share full-featured mobile websites on their own.

mobiSiteGalore also offers Private / White branded solutions which allows marketing and advertising companies, consultants, design houses, Telcos and other service providers to offer online mobile website building service to their clients in their own brand.

Akmin today powers over 1,250+ service providers & over 450,000+ websites across 45+ countries around the world.

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